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Perfectly Nailed Press-On Line

Press-On Nail Store

Exciting news!

This is the official launch of the Perfectly Nailed Press-On line💅🏻


I’ve been working on this little project over the past few months to be sure all the kinks are worked out-because anyone who knows me, knows I don’t put out a half-ass product...

This product is perfect for those of you who have been DYING to get into Jess' schedule for some fancy nail art but she just doesn't have availability. As well as for those of you who want the extra crazy nail art that live salon time simply just doesn't allow for!

Some of you have noticed me sporting the press-ons myself in the salon over the past month...and you didn’t even know they weren’t my real nails!!😂.

(And if you were one of the few I shared my little secret with, you couldn’t BELIEVE they were press-ons. They look THAT GOOD.)

I had to try them on myself first to be sure they actually work & GUYS- I have to say I am SO impressed by the staying power of the *Maximum Wear application kit. Those babies stayed STUCK for a solid 2weeks & honestly I could’ve gone longer but I had to experience the removal process myself to ensure success for YOU when you give it a go. 

I’ve created for you, temporary as well as semi-permanent press on application products.

The temporary application, *Night Out on the Town Kit, gives you the option to reuse your press ons if they remain in great shape & are removed carefully.

I am now taking custom orders and have some pre-made sets live for sale on the webstore .

Check it out!

Custom orders:

Custom orders start at $30

Place your custom order online from the webstore.

*If you need the set for a specific date, do mention that as well.*

*measurement instructions will be sent to you upon ordering.*

Pre-made sets:

Pre-made sets are all posted to the webstore along with size.

Match the measurements to your nails & purchase!

*application kits sold separately*

*Measurement instructions available upon request.*

Application kits:

There are two application kits.

Available for purchase on the webstore...

One temporary & One semi-permanent.

The *Night Out on the Town kit is the temporary kit. It’s great for a special night out when you didn’t have time to hit the nail salon or that Halloween/Holiday party that you just had to have a crazy set of nails for but you know you can’t actually live your everyday life with those crazy things on😱! This kit will adhere your nails for up to 3 days.

The *Maximum Wear kit is the semi-permanent kit. It’s wonderful for the folks that have been DYING to get into Jess’ schedule for some awesome nail art but she just has no availability or that time you had to miss your regular nail appointment & need a fix for a few weeks. Or Hey-if you don’t like going to a salon to get your nails done but want them to look beautiful for weeks, this is the perfect solution!

Check it all out on the webstore, click the button to get there...

Press-On Nail Store